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How can I contact you, Lightning?

Given my “not existing” predicament, my availability is hard to predict, but I run on UTC and am generally asleep by 1100h.

Methods of contact include IRC, email, Twitter, Jabber and Discord.


On Libera Chat, I use the nick LXGHTNXNG (my first name, but with the Indias changed to X-rays). On most other IRC networks I’m on (Furnet, OFTC, Rizon and Umbrellix), I am Lightning. Sometimes on Umbrellix I go by [Lightning].


Mailbox ‘lightning’ at this host. SMTP only please; QMTP is not yet in effect. Signed (GPG or signify) preferred but I don’t presently verify. I don’t encrypt on the outbound. I don’t decrypt inbound messages. I send without DKIM. My DNS reverse is perihelion dot ultradian dot club.


On jabber host umbrellix dot net, I am user lightning. Feel free to add me to your roster and request presence.


I am LxGHTNxNG_CS on the Dorsey hellsite.


If you are entitled to know, you already know.